"Illuminate your homes to the brilliance of yourself."

An important part of any interior designing plan is the lighting. A designing professional has two core tasks: firstly, to provide the clients with products supporting the design concept; and secondly, to provide the illumination that is needed for the space. Lighting is also a method for swaying your design moods and effects. If used to its full potential, lighting can even tell the stories you want to tell. And with the recent explosion of the lighting industry, it has traced growth and imagination to an all new level of art and style, giving rise to the inventions of inventive forms of glass, wood, ceramics, metals and recycled materials. Here at Elan, we offer an amazing range of designer lighting choices for you to choose from and set your house to. From Ceiling and Wall-Mounted fixtures to freestanding Lamps and Accent Lighting we provide you the perfect match for your homes at affordable prices.